Multisig Guides

On this page, we have compiled the guides we have previously published for dark net markets that use multisig transactions. We want to encourage our readers to use these marketplaces to reduce the risk of losing funds in case of a takedown or hack.

  1. Marketplace.i2p (skip the installation parts to the multisig part) – Shut Down for an unknown reason
  2. Tutorial: Multi-signature Transactions with Electrum 2.0
  3. Alphabay
  4. Bitwasp (CMS) – Valid for all Bitwasp based marketplaces built with the new version that includes multisig transactions
  5. Acropolis market
  6. Hydra Marketplace – Seized During Operation Onymous
  7. Tor Bazaar – Seized during Operation Onymous
  8. Cloud Nine / C9 – Seized during Operation Onymous
  9. Cannabis Road (old) – Hacked
  10. 1776 Market – Went down for an unknown reason
  11. Evolution – Gone – Exit scam
  12. BlackBank Market – Exit Scam
  13. The Pirate Markets – Gone with the customers’ bitcoins.
  14. Alpaca Marketplace – Seized during Operation Onymous
  15. TOM– – Gone.
  16. Tortuga Market – Went down for an unknown reason

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Note: TMP Does not exist anymore, but this tutorial was left as an I2P usage …

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