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VPN Comparison Chart

We have been listening to the DeepDotWeb community and have seen how popular our article “Is Your VPN Legit or Shit” became, which made us realize that you guys have been in desperate need of some solid advice about VPN’s. For this reason, we are introducing DeepDotWeb’s very own section on the Best VPN Service Providers so you can finally have some unbiased information to help you decide what is the best VPN for you to have the ultimate privacy online and on the Deep Web. We are committed to only list those VPN providers that respect your privacy, use encryption, support OpenVPN, have a no-logging policy you and prioritize those who accept Bitcoin. Specific service reviews and live user ratings will be added soon.

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CyberGhost Review



No Logging
Fast Speeds
Torrents Allowed
45 Day Refund



>> Visit CyberGhost <<


  • Special 79% Discount for DeepDotWeb Community!
  • CyberGhost VPN keeps no logs, you can not be traced.
  • Works seamlessly with Tor on the Dark Web, extra level of privacy.
  • Over 3000 servers around the world in over 60 different countries.
  • Can pay with Bitcoin for the extra privacy and anonymity.
  • 45 Day money back guarantee offered. 

       Read the CyberGhostVPN Review here.

Our Score:



NordVPN Review


Fast Speeds
Easy to set up
No Logs
No DCMA response



>> Visit NordVPN <<


  • NordVPN has fast speeds for your internet needs
  • It is easy to set up on your PC, Mac or mobile device
  • NordVPN keep No Logs for added anonymity
  • They have the DNS Leak protection option in the settings
  • No response is given when they receive DCMA notices.

       Read the NordVPN Review here.

Our Score:




IPVanish Review


No Logs Policy
Allows Torrents
Good Speed
DNS Leak Protect




>> Visit IPVanish <<


  • IPVanish has been around a long time in the industry,
  • IPVanish have DNS Leak Protection and a Kill Switch for enhanced protection
  • IPVanish VPN  provide super-fast speeds for streaming and downloading
  • IPVanish have a 7 Day money back guarantee so you can test it out

       Read the IPVanish Review here

Our Score:




Strong VPN Review


Good Speed
No Logs
Easy To Use
Unlimited Bandwidth




>> Visit StrongVPN <<


  • StrongVPN has good speed since they are not a large VPN provider
  • StrongVPN keeps no logs which is a must for best privacy
  • StrongVPN’s pc and mac app is easy to use without all the bells and whistles
  • StrongVPN offers unlimited bandwidth while using their network.

        Read the Strong VPN Review here.




TorGuard Review

Unlimited Bandwidth
24/ Support
7 Day Trial
Pretty Good Speed

       Visit Tor Guard Official Site



>> Visit TorGuard <<


  • Tor Guard offers unlimited bandwidth on its network
  • They have support 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Tor Guard have a 7 Day Trial, money back guarantee
  • Tor Guards speed is pretty good.

       Read the TorGuard Review here.

Our Score:


Visit Tor Guard Official Site


Proxy.sh Review

Good Speeds
Unlimited Bandwidth
P2P Torrents
SafeJumper Feature




>> Visit Proxy.sh <<


  • They offer good speeds across their network
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth for extensive use
  • Proxy.sh also allow sharing of P2P torrents so you don’t get busted
  • Proxy.sh have a feature called “SafeJumper” to use

        Read the Proxy.sh Review here

Our Score:



IVPN Review

Unlimited Bandwidth
P2P Torrents
7-day money Guarantee
Multihop Feature




  • IVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on their network
  • They allow P2P Torrents
  • IVPN have a 7-day money back guarantee
  • They have a multihop feature

       Read the IVPN Review here.

Our Score:



LiquidVPN Review

Good Performance
P2P torrents
3 OpenVPN Types
LiquidDNS Included




  • They have good performance
  • Liquid VPN allow P2P torrents
  • 3 OpenVPN Types to choose from
  • LiquidDNS included in the package

       Read the LiquidVPN Review here.

Our Score:



PIA Review

Quick Speed
SOCKS5 Proxy
No Logs




  • PIA has pretty quick speed
  • PIA offer unlimited bandwidth on their network
  • PIA have SOCKS5 Proxy available to use
  • PIA do not respond to DCMA notifications

        Read the PIA Review here

Our Score:



HideIP VPN Review

SmartDNS Included
1 Day Trial
Unlimited Bandwidth




  • Hide IP VPN offer a SmartDNS with their VPN
  • Hide IP VPN have a 1 Day Trial
  • Hide IP VPN allow you unlimited bandwidth on their network

        Read the HideIP VPN Review here

Our Score:



BolehVPN Review

Good Speed
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Day Trail




  • BolehhVPN have good speed
  • BolehVPN have unlimited bandwidth
  • BolehVPNM offer a 1 Day Trail

        Read the BolehVPN Review here

Our Score:




Mullvad Review

Accepts Bitcoin
DNS Leak Protection
Token System




  • Mullvad doesn’t respond to DCMA letters
  • Mullvad accepts bitcoin
  • Mullvad has DNS Leak Protection
  • Uses a token system

       Read the Mullvad Review here

Our Score:



BTGuard Review

256-bit AES encryption
P2P Torrents​
No DCMA Response



  • BTGuard uses 256-bit AES encryption, like the top VPN’s
  • BTGuard allows P2P Torrent on their network
  • BT Guard accept bitcoin as payment
  • No DCMA Response

        Read the BTGuard Review here

Our Score:



VPN Secure Review

Good Speed
SmartDNS Included
$2 for 2 day trial.




  • VPN S have pretty good speed on their network 
  • VPN S have a smart DNS included in their VPN plans
  • VPN S have the option of a dedicated IP.
  • $2 for 2-day trial.

       Read the VPN Secure Review here

Our Score:


There are a lot of misconceptions and false information about VPN’s. Hardly anyone is paying attention as to which VPN providers are best when it comes to privacy, anonymity and compatibility with Tor.

If you are accessing the Deep Web then you need to be using a VPN with Tor to get the very best anonymity and privacy. Sadly, not all VPN’s are equal. There are massive differences in the level of protection you get from different VPN Service providers. Some of them actually log everything you do online which completely defeats the purpose of using a VPN.

It is a surprise to some people about the level of data being recorded by ISP’s and being analyzed by Governments and Law Enforcement, this is being carried out on a massive scale that has never been seen before. You need to be hiding all of your tracks, even when on the clear net. Just your normal internet usage can be enough to make a profile and link you to more than you think. Law Enforcement are now even subpoenaing sites like Reddit for user details so they can prosecute them for various crimes.

VPN Software has many awesome benefits that are not just restricted to providing you with increased anonymity and privacy while on the Dark Web. You can also use it to:

  • Keep your internet usage hidden so not even your ISP or Law Enforcement will know what you are doing online.
  • Download torrents anonymously.
  • Unblock Netflix, HULU, HBO, Spotify, Pandora etc.
  • Stream and download your favourite Movies, TV, and music anonymously.
  • Protect yourself from being hacked when using WiFi.
  • Use it on any device.

If you care about your privacy then you should really consider using a VPN Service for all of your internet usage no matter what you are doing online. Have any questions, corrections or inquiries? Please contact us.


DeepDotWeb rankings are based on our technical assessment of, and our personal experience, each product. We are paid commissions from some of the VPN companies on this site for customers referred from this site which convert into sales. The rates paid to us by the VPN providers vary in price.